17 December 2018

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Call for expression of interest : Workshop on communication techniques

Call for expression of interest : Workshop on communication techniques|attribut_html

The purpose of this call for expressions of interest is to identify the administrative staff and teachers likely to be interested in getting involved in the communication of their institution’s activities and to understand the process of carrying out a communication plan.

Priority will be given to the candidatures of staff who will be responsible for communicating, particularly in the future inter-institution research center in human sciences.

Response form - Call for expression of interest

Deadline for response: 14 January 2019

Questionnaire to return to Fernanda Gomes Santana, AUF : fernanda.gomes@auf.org / +32 492 211 802

Objectives of the workshop

  • Introduction to communication
  • Knowledge of the communication tools
  • Brief knowledge the stages of development of a communication plan
  • Understand the dimensions of communication on social networks

Workshop languages: French and English. French-English interpretation is provided.

Location: University Agency of La Francophonie, Paris (FR)

Dates: March 4 to 8, 2019.

Provisional Training Program:

Day 1: Introduction to communication, Internal communication, Targets of external communication: partners, media, institutional

Day 2: The basics of the graphic charter: logo and visual identity, Communication tools available online and free, Help with graphics (social networks) and audiovisual production

Day 3: Social media