Project Communication and Promotion

Project Communication and Promotion|attribut_html

Objectives :

The objective of this work package is to plublisize the project, the activities implemented and the results among higher education stakeholders in Cambodia and elsewhere in the world.

The foreseen communication and dissemination activities are implemented throughout the duration of the project.

The administrative monitoring committee is responsible for elaborating and implementing the communication strategy of GEReSH-CAM project. Various means and channels of communication will be developed and adapted according to the target audiences.

Within the consoritum, communication aims to facilitate the transmission of information between the partners and to ensure the day-to-day management of the project.

It also aims to raise awareness among higher education actors in Cambodia about the need for training and workshops proposed within the framework of GEReSH-CAM project.

Information about the European Erasmus + program will also be shared.

Activities :

  • Elaboration of a communication strategy
  • Training in communication
  • Creation of a dedicated website and an Extranet platform for the management of the project
  • Dissemination of results

Leader institution : INALCO

Participating institutions : UL, LUES, AUF, IRD, RUFA, RUPP, NIE, MOEYS, MCFA