18 October 2019


Final conference of GEReSH-CAM project

16-19 October 2019, The Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Final conference of GEReSH-CAM project|attribut_html

The international conference "Languages, Cultures and Education in Southeast Asia: Identity and Diversity," presents the main results of the project and launches the opening of the "Centre for Human and Social Sciences" in Cambodia.

The GEReSH-CAM project, which Inalco has been running since October 2016, ends in November 2019 and organises a final conference presenting the work during three years of intense exchanges.

The conference is also an opportunity to discuss the uniqueness of linguistic, cultural and knowledge-transmitting practices in the diversity of contexts, ancient or contemporary, of Southeast Asia. Representatives of local authorities, public decision-makers from national institutions and researchers from all over the world are invited.

Inalco president Jean-François Huchet spoke at the conference on cooperation between Inalco and higher education institutions in Cambodia.

Program of the conference:

Opening speech of the symposium:

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