Governance, management and planning of research Workshop

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Governance, management and planning of research Workshop documents /Inalco : 22-26 october 2018

The present workshop and the one on “Human resources management” are two of a series of fourteen workshops that GEReSH-CAM project have been and will conduct. These two particular workshops deal with different types of governance of research in Cambodia and in France.

This particular workshop focuses specifically on the organization and the mode of operation of research in Social Sciences and Humanities in France. Not only the link between different components of research structures and HEIs, but also modalities of funding will be raised with details.

From this model, Cambodian partners could gain insights from the good practices and adopt them into Cambodian context in order to strengthen or to reorganize the research policies in their own institutions.

This workshop should also help to better define the status and the roles of the future inter-institution research centre in humanities. This centre is expected to be set up by the three Cambodian HEIs at the end of GEReSH-CAM Project in 2019.

The speakers in this workshop are invited from a wide range of research organizations in France.


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