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Human ressources management workshop / Phnom-Penh 25-29 june 2018

This third workshop on Human Resource Management is held at the Royal University of Phnom Penh from 25 to 29 June 2018 and aims to:

  • Upgrade capacity in human resource management for partner universities’ administrative and technical staff, who are interested in supporting and getting involved in the activities of the future joint research centre.
  • Identify the most suitable model of human resource management for the future joint research centre.
  • It will also serve as an opportunity for those who wish to start or continue their research to plan their professional career development.

Three keynote speakers from France, Mr. Pierre Lenhardt (Inalco), Ms. Isabelle Ferreux (Inalco) and Ms. Michelle Guérif (IRD) will lead the workshop by sharing their experiences and best practices.

The participants will gain knowledge in the major aspects of management strategies (personnel recruitment and retaining, motivation, training, skills and career development) through practical applications (group work, case studies).

The main objectives are:

  • To introduce the concepts and definitions of human resource management
  • To differentiate between human resources management from personnel management
  • To collect best practices of human resource/personnel management from concerned HEIs and research centers to apply to the center to be established
  • To outline the structure of human resources and personnel to support a joint research center
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