Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LUES)

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The Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, established in 1935, is the biggest Lithuanian public institution that provides teacher education. The University's 's core task is to teachsciences of education; pedagogy and hu-manities; social sciences; formal, experimental and empirical sciences.

The University consists of 6 faculties: Faculty of Education in Humanities; Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Education; Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Education; Faculty of Social Education.

The interaction between research and teaching and scientific research is carried out in the university’s research units. The foreign students are annually welcome as a part of exchange programs and the University students go abroad by agreement with a partner university (110 Erasmus + agreements with universities in 25 countries ). INALCO is a privileged partner for the student exchange and the research projects.

The University conducts scientific research on language teaching and teaches the language didactics in various departments and research centers: Department of Lithuanian Language and Literature Didactics, Department of English Language Didactics, Department of Germanic, Romance, Slavonic Philology and Didactics, Department of Philology and Didactics German, Romanian and Slavic Studies, Centre of Language, Didactics and Polish Culture, Centre of Russian Language and Culture, Centre of Turkish Language and Culture.

The scientific journal of the University Žmogus ir žodis = Man and the Word has the annual booklet Linguistics and didactics. The University is preparing a new curriculum in magisterium ’Didactics of languages’ with a part on the methodologies of research which will be very useful for this project.

The role of LUES in the project

LUES will provide trainings to URBA, URPP and INE on the following topics:
▪ Methodologies of research and innovation in language didactics
▪ Working in an international environment

USEL will contribute its expertise to URBA, URPP and INE partners along with the following activities:

▪ Creation of a detailed guide to research and innovation practices with a specific focus on human sciences
▪ Establishing of an inter-university research centre in the humanities

LUES will participate in the whole and the follow-up of the project via the steering committee and the monitoring committee.

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