Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (MCFA) - Cambodia

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The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts aims to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of Cambodia.

The MCFA, created in the 1970s under the authority of the Ministry of Education, is composed of a Directorate-General of Administration and Finance and a Directorate-General of Techniques for Culture, a Directorate General for Heritage, the Secondary School of Fine Arts and Royal University of Fine Arts.

Beside the tangible heritage, the Ministry also ensures the preservation of several types of cultural intangible heritage such as music, dance, theater and practices and traditional customs.

In the perspective of protection and preservation, the Ministry participates in promot-ing, encouraging, and developing cultural activities. It also encourages and promotes artistic creations and diffusion of Cambodian cultural products to expand their mar-ket for economic growth and poverty reduction in the country.

Supported by the network of regional and departmental offices, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts works to increase the cultural activities, ensures compliance with the law on cultural heritage preservation, promotes tourism, raises local’s awareness about the values of their culture and the contribution of culture to the economy.

The role of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts in the project:

The MCFA will provide expertise to its partners: the Royal University of Fine Arts, the Royal University of Phnom Penh and the National Institute of Education of Cambodia, along with the following activities :

  • Production of a detailed guide of practices in the field of research and innovation with a specific focus on human sciences and language didactics.
  • Creation of an interuniversity research center in human sciences
  • Reflections for the establishment of a doctoral school

MCFA staff will benefit from the trainings that will be provided during the development phase of the project ( WP2, WP4)

The MCFA will participate in the realization and the follow-up of the whole project via the pilot committee and the monitoring committee.

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