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The National Institute of Education (NIE) offers both pre-service and in-service training programs. For pre-service training, NIE is responsible for producing Master’s degree in educational Administration, Upper Secondary School Teachers (Bachelor's degree +1), and Lower Secondary School French-Khmer Teachers (Bac + 2). For in-service training, NIE is obliged to upgrade leaders and staff of Provincial Offices of Education, Youth and Sport and Upper Secondary School teachers throughout the country, to train Upper Secondary School principals and educational inspectors.

The initial training of upper secondary school teachers lasts 1 year and the training of Lower Secondary School French-Khmer teachers of the first cycle lasts 2 years.
The Master of Education in Educational Administration course lasts 2 years and the training of educational inspectors lasts 1 year
The NIE trains between 800 and 1200 future high school teachers each year. Between 40 to 75 Lower Secondary School French-Khmer teachers, between 20 and 40 master’s degree students and between 100 to 250 educational inspectors are trained every year.

NIE’s teacher trainees also conduct scientific research in education. They present their research work in the second semester.

NIE trainers are required to participate each year in several training courses, conferences, seminars on didactics and research work both in the country and abroad.

NIE consists of an Application Primary School, an Application High School, a library, a laboratory, Multi-media center, Document Center and a Francophone Resource Center.

The disciplines to be offered at NIE are: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, French, history, geography, earth sciences, informatics, morals, economics, agriculture, electricity, electronics, mechanics, animal husbandry and hydrology.

Fields of Expertise

- Initial teacher training/ Pre-service teacher training
- Initial training of educational managers
- In-service training of teachers and educational staff
- Educational management and planning

The role of NIE in the project

NIE will work in synergy with RUFA, RUPP, MoEYS and MCFA along with the following activities:

  • Production of a detailed guide of practices in the field of research and innovation with a specific focus on human sciences and language didactics.
  • Creation of an interuniversity research center in human sciences
  • Reflections for the establishment of a doctoral school

NIE staff will benefit from the trainings that will be provided during the development phase of the project (WP2, WP3, WP4)

NIE will participate in the realization and the follow-up of the overall project via the steering committee and the monitoring committee

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