Building institutional and research competency

The development of research and innovation capacities can not be achieved without the mastery of a set of knowledge, skills and competences. GEReSH-CAM project aims to reverse the current situation by proposing tools and trainings to all the academic actors:
- Managers: Heads of faculties and departments
- Personnel in the ministries
- Technical and administrative staff
- Teaching staff and students.

  • Training courses for managers will make it possible to implement strategic and essential reforms.
  • Training courses for administrative and technical staff will help to establish efficient management and develop the use of appropriate tools.
  • The training courses for teachers and students will enable them to acquire an important range of knowledge and to develop a "culture of research".

An Innovative Interuniversity Research Center

The creation of an inter-university research center dedicated to the humanities is a project that will create a unique structure in Cambodia. Teachers and students from various universities will be able work on their own research projects and be proactive with the aim to make the research center a major player in the development of human sciences in the country.

The research center will be privileged place for researchers as well as a learning space for Master’s students. It will also be a place to create and disseminate knowledge through the organization of seminars. Institutional exchanges will be encouraged to discuss the scientific and educational perspectives.

These objectives will be achieved by offering trainings and workshops adapted to local legislation and culture. A practical guide adapted to the situation of the three Cambodian universities involved in the project (RUFA, RUPP, NIE) could serve as a baseline for other Cambodian universities interested in transposing this experiment to other research areas.