Quality assurance and control

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The work package « Quality assurance and control » is implemented throughout the duration of the project. It focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the planned activities, the results and the cooperation mechanisms between the partners in terms of quality.

A quality plan detailing the control mechanisms and procedures will be drafted in order to ensure that GEReSH-CAM project is managed as close as possible to the contractual requirements.

In addition, quality control will enable partner universities to align themselves with international management standards through awareness-raising actions regarding quality in administrative, project and research management.

The issue of quality will be addressed in the framework of the scientific activities of the project, during the training courses offered to teachers and students of Cambodian institutions of higher education .


• Creation of an organization chart and evaluation tools

• Project management quality control

Leader institution : INALCO
Participating institutions : UL, LUES, AUF, IRD, RUFA, RUPP, NIE, MOEYS, MCFA