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The French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), together with its partners in the South, responds to international development issues. Improving health conditions, understanding the evolution of societies, preserving the environment and resources are the pillars of its action to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

A public scientific and technological institution, IRD is placed under the joint supervision of the French Ministries of Research and Foreign Affairs. It operates internationally from its headquarters in Marseille and its two metropolitan centres of Montpellier and Bondy.

The Institute has been active in Southeast Asia since 1976 and has maintained four representations there since the late 1990s. It deploys its activities in 8 countries through 32 research units (including 2 international joint units), 5 Young Associated Teams and 3 International Joint Laboratories, representing nearly 10% of its expatriate research staff.

IRD has been active in Cambodia since 2009 through a regional representation based in Laos. Since the beginning of 2017, the Institute has had a representative office in Phnom Penh. Its action aims to accompany and strengthen the development of scientific research in this country.

IRD has several fundamental objectives: to develop knowledge, provide scientific answers to development issues, participate in the structuring and development of scientific research and training of its partners, and establish and consolidate sustainable scientific partnerships.

Fields of expertise

• In-depth knowledge of research methods supported by multidisciplinary research teams, particularly in the humanities and social sciences.
• Strengthening the research capacity of scientific communities in the South.
• Engineering for project building and structuring.
• A presence in Cambodia throughout the year to support Cambodian actors on scientific and administrative aspects.

The role of IRD in the project

IRD will provide training for Cambodian partners on the following topics:

• Administrative aspects of managing research, innovation and education projects, training held in Phnom Penh
• Research and innovation methodologies: intellectual property clauses, bibliography, publication, research issues, etc.
• Research and innovation professions in Human Sciences

IRD will bring its expertise to URBA, URPP and INE in the following activities:
• The creation of an inter-university research centre
• Reflections for the establishment of a doctoral school
IRD will participate in the overall project and in the monitoring of the project via the steering committee and the monitoring committee.

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