Setting up an inter-university Research Center for the humanities in Cambodia

Setting up an inter-university Research Center for the humanities in Cambodia|attribut_html


The objective of this work package is to propose an interuniversity research structure
capable of providing a high standard of quality as well as the education of the students, future doctoral students and teachers.

For the international credibility and scientific acknowledgement of the Cambodian academics, it is imperative to propose their own shared research center. This innovative structure will have several beneficial impacts:

- Bringing together the skills and strengths of the three Cambodian partner universities
- Facilitate the integration of Cambodian HEIs into regional and international scientific networks.

Drawing upon expertise of the Euporean institutions involved in the project, RUFA, RUPP and NIE wil be in charge of structuring an action plan.
For the further development and consolidation of the Inter-University Research Center, the Cmabodian HEIs will also be trainied in the writing and the management of research project proposals.

The creation of the Inter-University Research Center is a first step which should lead to the creation of a PhD school in human sciences in Cambodia. Proposals will be put forward at the end of the project, during the Closure Ceremony.

Activities :

Leader institution : IRD

Participating institutions : INALCO, UL, LUES, RUFA, RUPP, INE, MOEYS, MCFA