The team

The organizational chart shows the hierarchical relationships and the structural organization of the GEReSH-CAM project team.

The GEReSH-CAM project team is composed as follows:

The Steering Committee is the decision-making body of the project. It is in charge of developing the project strategy. It is composed of representatives of the partner institutions. Its members set the general orientations of the project, arbitrate proposals resulting from concertation and validate each major step to move on to the next.

The Monitoring Committee is responsible for the implementation of the project. It is composed of experts and resource persons from partner institutions. Its members are responsible for the operational follow-up of the approach, its animation and respect for the calendar. They propose elements to the steering committee.

The Monitoring Committee is divided into two teams:

- The Administrative Monitoring Committee, which ensures the effective application of EU rules and project management. It ensures the sound financial management of the grant. The committee provides administrative support for the implementation of project activities (planning, documentation, budget management, etc.)

- The Scientific Monitoring Committee carries out the scientific and research activities on the problem addressed by GEReSH-CAM project. Its activities are organized around research, surveys, trainings, etc.